Securing your Inbox with AI

Self-Learning Email Security

Email is the connective tissue that keeps a business running. It also presents cyber-criminals with the ultimate gateway into an organization.

Traditional security controls are confined to the border and analyze emails in isolation and at a single point in time. This approach fails to spot the weak indicators of a ‘clean’ email attack that seeks to take the conversation offline, or solicit a fraudulent payment.

Powered by Darktrace Cyber AI, Antigena Email catches advanced email threats that others let through.

We were shocked by the things the traditional tools didn’t catch that Antigena Email did.
CTO, Bunim Murray Productions

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How Antigena neutralizes malicious emails

Antigena Email: Targeted action, with context

Darktrace AI develops a comprehensive understanding of the ‘pattern of life’ of your users and devices across both email and network traffic. Taking in data from across the entire digital estate, machine learning algorithms can analyze disparate events across the organization and develop a sense of ‘self’, or what constitutes ‘normal’.

Emails are analyzed in the context of the sender, the recipient, their peers and all digital activity across the network and cloud. This drastically improves the system’s accuracy, making this approach more targeted and effective than legacy solutions.

By correlating Darktrace’s deep understanding of the network, cloud, SaaS and beyond, Cyber AI can uniquely detect the source of an infection in the network (Patient Zero) and automatically perform a root cause analysis to see if the threat originated via email. If so, Antigena Email will instantly protect the business by stopping all other emails that are part of the same campaign.

In contrast, other email security tools can only protect against specific attack campaigns if dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of victims have already been affected.

These unique capabilities allow Antigena Email to accurately identify and respond to the full range of advanced email attacks, including:

  • Phishing
  • Domain spoofing
  • Account takeover
Analyzes links and attachments in connection with all other email and network traffic
Domain spoofing
Detects anomalies even in ‘clean’ emails containing no links or attachments
Account takeover
Learns communication patterns between individual users

The Cyber AI Platform

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform protects the entire enterprise: industrial networks, IoT, cloud & SaaS, email, and traditional networks.

By providing unified coverage, Cyber AI draws insights from across in the organization and can generate a targeted response to threats, wherever they occur.

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  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • G Suite

Free Trial

Darktrace offers a no charge, no-commitment 30-day trial period, where you can witness the power of AI in your environment.


  • Threats and findings reported within one week
  • Complete visibility over email and network traffic
  • Installs in under an hour
  • Access to the Threat Visualizer

Discover the power of AI in your own business and see for yourself how Antigena Email detects email threats that other tools miss.