Darktrace Tech Meetup: Howell, MI

Join us for a Tech Meetup hosted by Darktrace

July 10th 2019, 10:00am

Join us for a Tech Meetup hosted by Darktrace customer Richard Malewicz (CIO/CISO, Livingston County) on July 10th 2019, 10:00am, at the EMS Building, 1911 Tooley Rd, Howell, 46655, MI.

The Tech Meetups are a great opportunity for you to meet other Darktrace customers, share experiences, learn from our expert tech team, and hear how Darktrace has formed “the center-piece of Livingston’s cyber security posture”, and part of the team’s daily battle rhythm.

You’ll get the chance to learn tips and tricks on:

  • How best to triage the Threat Tray
  • Maximizing the use of models
  • Threat hunting for early indicators of compromise
  • Operationalizing Darktrace through integration

Afterwards, enjoy lunch and mingle with Darktrace experts including Marcus Fowler (Director of Strategic Threat), Don Avant (Vice President of Customer Operations), and Chris Thomas (Senior Cyber Technology Manager), as well as other Darktrace customers.

Please note that the Tech Meetup is exclusively available to Threat Visualizer users and those in technical practitioner roles from Darktrace customers.

Please note that invitations are made at Darktrace’s discretion. Regrettably we are unable to respond to all requests.